Business intelligence part of a connected IT world

The question is no longer whether organizations will deploy business intelligence, it's what they will do with it. Proceeding without any type of analytics program in place seems downright foolish in the face of competition that will almost certainly be using automated means to plan and determine strategies. Adopting these programs will be unique in each case, with a few through-lines. For instance, the overall goal of each plan, to help a firm make better decisions, is constant, while more granular objectives are unique. In the end, it's important to view business analytics use for what it is: part of an overall revolution in IT.

The interconnected enterprise
A recent post on the Midsize Insider industry blog established the basics of the forces that are currently transforming companies. Organizations are surrounded by new technological advantages and putting them to work, and these include analytics. The source indicated that Ovum has observed businesses that do not understand how important it is to adopt these many new advantages as parts of a grand overall strategy instead of singular components. This means researching and understanding the options on the market, a fairly obvious approach but one that some leaders may be overlooking in their race to become better equipped.

The news provider explained that mid​-sized companies, busy managing their current operations, can end up handing their planning needs over to third parties. This can either be a strong move that keeps them on the right track or a problematic digression that leads to damaged productivity and tools that businesses cannot use. It is simply a case of finding a vendor that understands where the business is coming from and what type of approach will help the firm reach the next level through smooth and natural integration of multiple advanced programs. Analytics, the cloud, mobility and more can fit together and create a synergistic next step – or they can become confusing and unwieldy.

Next-generation analytics solutions for businesses
The power of a unified IT program and numerous connected applications could end up wasted unless the BI processes are up to the task. This is why it's important that leaders seek out tools such as Necto 14 by Panorama. This program is capable of dealing with data from a wide variety of sources, old and new. Expanding beyond structured information can bring potential apps or storage repositories into the fold, even if their contents are in a format such as text. This can help integrated analytics programs flourish.

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