Business intelligence pitfalls still abound

Becoming a business intelligence expert is far from automatic. Just because the technology required to launch a program is now common, that does not mean every leader is ready to dive in and deliver astounding value to his or her company. Just as it's important to prioritize BI and analytics, it's also vital to realize that not all plans, projects and products are equal. Organizations may end up learning specific facts that help them make better decisions or they could draw vague conclusions that make them more confused than when they began. There are several variables that will help them decide where they end up.

A few pertinent warnings
VentureBeat contributor Frank Bien recently warned that some of the habits companies can fall into with their BI plans are actually harmful, and will hurt them in their attempts to learn more about themselves and their industries. These organizations will have to focus on vendor selection and process choice to avoid such mishaps. For instance, Bien noted that some businesses take the message of information simplification too far and end up with rudimentary visualizations that don't do their data justice. This is a major problem because, as he noted, the current generation of rising tech pros is able to cope with advanced metrics.

Bien also noted that there is a very real chance that discussions of big data will veer too far from information that can actually help the company and solely encompass procedurally generated data. He reiterated that "core business data" remains relevant, and firms should be able to synthesize this content with the new sources that have become more prominent in the past few years. This makes sense, as there is no need to completely replace the classic view of business analytics. Instead, using big data as additional fuel for these algorithms could be the way forward for today's organizations.

Making strong product selections
Business that want to ensure their analytics efforts dodge pitfalls can ink contracts with leading providers. This is where Panorama Necto comes in, delivering a highly advanced set of tools that do away with some of the problems of today's less successful BI options. It dodges the threat of inadequate or simplistic visualizations by offering multiple views, some meant for non-IT personnel and others pitched for experts, enabling every worker gets his or her preferred view. Its ability to take insights from any information source also helps employees choose between big data and the content they have always relied upon.

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