Business intelligence predictions for 2013

Hadoop, an open source infrastructure allowing applications to harness big data from various sources at once, has had it tough recently. In the words of Boris Evelson of Forrester Research, the technology is "immature at best," but that won't stop it from becoming a major player in 2013, as companies invest in custom coding that addresses Hadoop's current shortcomings. The tool is one among many technologies set to change business intelligence (BI), which will likely offer an explosion of mobile features driven by mobility trends and evolving mobile device management (MDM) strategies.

End users may demand more BI control in 2013 as data discovery becomes a self-service feature of BI tools. Semantic layers and search capabilities may also grow critical to companies as BI vendors release more functional products that allow users to create their own applications.

Mobile integration will alter landscape
Beyond just being useful, mobile BI applications may become vital for businesses, as these apps are more readily developed for mobile devices. Cloud-based applications will also increase in number while provider-specific software decrease, driving a more collaborative landscape for app development and deployment.

According to Forrester, 24 percent of enterprises already or will soon use mobile BI applications, with 37 percent reporting they are considering these solutions for near-term implementations.

As the IT industry shifts to favor the mobile user, decision-making is becoming as simple as a click or a thumb swipe. Mobile devices integrate so many different tools – GPS, business analytics and data management among them – that it's hard to imagine business intelligence failing to evolve within the next few years.

Cloud solutions drive expansion
Gartner predicts that the cloud will see sharp growth through 2016, broadening to offer new solutions for big data management as well as data visualization. SC Magazine notes that, as cyberattacks increase, companies operating on cloud hosting will begin to funnel funds into security measures, thus sparking an expansion of cloud-based solutions. As these services grow, they will no doubt include tools for advanced analytics that help businesses to improve their data management and discovery capacities.

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