Business intelligence projects fulfill age-old objectives

Becoming a business intelligence leader today looks like less of an ambitious goal and more of a necessity to be a competitive company. Organizations in a variety of fields are turning their information into the fuel for new and improved decisions and parlaying these perfected operations into an edge against rivals. This may set up two distinct groups of organization, those that have the answers and those that are still scrambling for them. Adopting an effective BI process now is the main way to end up in the former category, as leaders can be fairly sure their rivals are considering making the jump, no matter the field in question.

The age-old imperative
Of course, while the struggle to become a leading BI user may be very contemporary for businesses, the goals this accomplishes have been held for years. BI expert Ray Major, writing for Smart Data Collective, explained the "humbling" fact that scholarship from years past points to the same type of BI advantages organizations are interested in today, simply with less technology. He stated that 50 years ago, McKinsey & Company researcher John Louth expounded upon the value of not only knowing what consumers want but which products and services will hook the next wave of prospective consumers.

Major stated that Louth retrieved a very important quote from a marketing vice president active in 1964, "My company's sales output can't be any better than my intelligence input."

According to Major, that is the value proposition BI professionals are still living by, half a century later. This is a reminder that the types of things employees are striving for today are the same timeless goals salespeople have held since they began really thinking about how they could move more products by learning pertinent facts about their shoppers. Equipped with better and more information than ever, executives are well-positioned to advance this ongoing struggle.

Updated solutions lend a hand
When striving to reach longtime objectives such as a better understanding of the client, it can pay to skip directly to advanced technology, equipped with the features that today's professionals need. This is where solutions such as Necto come in, promising a level of self-service that allows salespeople to crunch numbers with no calls to IT and enables a blanket view of operations for the C-suite and other supervisors throughout the organizational structure. Combining ease-of-use with mobile accessibility and a view of a huge number of data sources, these products are primed to resolve challenges.

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