Business intelligence strength has a checklist

Meeting all the requirements for a great business intelligence deployment may not be quite as simple as leaders or users assume. Buying BI software and making it work isn't an on-off binary, where you either have the process or not. There are a number of considerations that come with making the process and handing the technology over to the employees who will have to make it a functional part of their daily routine. Is the program up to it? Are the people? It's best to assess the situation beforehand rather than getting in deep and ending up disappointed in the result.

The center of excellence
UBS Investment Bank BI Director Ben Rossi, writing for Information Age, recently explained some of the steps that go into building a "center of excellence" to spread BI throughout an organization. This means BI best practices in their most concentrated form, designed to help the influencers and experts boost their own usage.

Rossi stated there is a need to sign up with the right type of partner company, one that will be knowledgeable about and receptive to the customer organization's needs. Then, of course, leaders must select the right type of software. He hinted that many of the solutions on the market at present are less than satisfying, and that the best options combine functionality with ease.

The latter attribute may actually be more important than the former. Rossi noted the BI experts at the center of excellence should have little trouble figuring out or using the features of the software, so they can devote their expertise to helping others use the products to the utmost extent. In Rossi's opinion, it's in an organization's best interests to ensure the high-level use of the software is not just possible but simple, as protracted struggles with forbidding interfaces or opaque dashboards will take time away from value production.

It's time for leaders to select the software that will accompany them for the next stage of their operations. Fortunately, the market has come a long way in the past few years, and options such as Panorama Necto now exist to give them a balance of power and ease of use. These processes are designed to be accessible to employees throughout the company, from those who have trained hard to become data scientists to business department workers whose expertise lies in entirely different realms. Working with friendly tech could be a huge boon when BI users just want to get down to business.

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