Business intelligence today: We’ve come a long way

Becoming a business intelligence leader today is not as easy as it once was. There was a time when only a few organizations in each field would really be able to parse and work with the data collected from their internal and external sensors to boost efficiency. Now, this is a common trait and doing it better and faster than competitors is a differentiating factor. The BI revolution has begun in earnest, and tactics such as cloud BI and self-service programs are pushing organizations into new functional areas that were previously closed to them. In such an active climate, it could be important to look back at how far the market has come and ponder next steps.

The birth of modern BI applications
Industry expert Wayne Kernochan, contributing to Enterprise Apps Today, recently explained the journey from the earliest attempts at BI to the fast-paced and adaptable solutions under the hoods of today's enterprises. He explained that BI has always been about increasing the speed to insight, with early tools trying to yield better insights than can be gleaned from a quarterly overview or monthly check. Once these first reporting tools were integrated with data mining apps, according to Kernochan, the modern concept of business intelligence was created.

As for more recent changes to the template, Kernochan highlighted the need for analytics. Companies now process information constantly rather than running queries once in a while. There is a heavy degree of IT power required to scan through content and deliver valuable insights, but today's systems are up to the task. Many organizations also employ tools located in the cloud to gain the resources they need. Kernochan mentioned the cloud in his summary of the market, explaining that it came to the BI world as an organic reaction to the huge information storage architectures being used today, as well as the process of going beyond stored data and seeking out real-time streams.

Current tech
Today's BI processes synthesize the many desirable traits analytics solutions have developed over the years. Necto 14, for instance, is capable of delivering valuable insights to a huge cross-section of employees through a hosted app available through a number of devices. This solution can glean information from a vast number of information sources, enabling better insights than outdated processes that only scan a few databases. Since BI has grown and evolved over the years, there's no need to fall back on programs that disregard any modern features. Necto 14 is one answer.

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