Business intelligence transforms education

Business intelligence software promises an improved grasp of data and improved decision-making, benefits applicable to many fields. While they can help a company boost its profits, they can also help a government agency serve its constituents or, in the case of education, help teachers understand pupils. Brookings recently reported that schools using analytics tools and big data mining are well-positioned to serve their students.

Future of learning

Each student’s learning style is slightly different. Teachers can detect these disparities and help their charges excel. According to Brookings, this process is much easier with analytics tools. The source posited that learning in the future will be done with more computer integration than ever, meaning information will be immediately logged by the systems and used to generate a composite profile for each individual member of a class.

Just as top executives in business can receive customized reports describing market conditions, the source suggested that data mining programs for teachers can give immediate, processed feedback rather than raw data. All of this could serve to save time for educators and improve diagnosis of persistent learning issues and the solutions.

Tests to determine progress are not a constant, up-to-the-moment gauge of learning and performance. Even giving a quiz every day is not the same as taking constant information from student responses. Tests and quizzes also require constant time investment from teachers, checking the results and making inferences. Brookings noted that, with greater digital integration in classrooms and big data systems in place to monitor progress, every action potentially gives clues to a student’s learning style, meaning educators have all of the benefits of constant investment without the time expended.

Similar to industry

The encroachment of computers on previously analog processes has opened a new world of data. According to O’Reilly Radar contributor Edd Dumbill, new usage cases for big data will find it more important than ever in an extremely wide variety of industries. He stated that companies are now constantly exchanging information now, making big data programs the “nervous systems” of organizations.

Dumbill noted that big data usage started at leading online-first companies like Facebook and Google. It has moved on, however. He noted that more companies are pushing toward a completely digital model, thus making every facet of the business into possible fuel for high-powered business intelligence tools. He stated that organizations from government agencies payment processing firms are constantly growing more digital and drawing benefits.

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