Business intelligence turns data from waste to value

Business intelligence's modern form is such an ingenious technology because its fuel is there. Big data is not something companies have to go out and look for. In many cases, it has been flowing through their systems for ages. They simply need to learn how to capture and manipulate this content to their ends. Solutions that incorporate big data have become more common in recent months, ensuring that organizations can stand a chance against contemporaries that are making the same types of moves. This is a powerful process, one that is raising the level of whole industries and improving decision-making at a high level.

Waste to value
A recent Midsize Insider piece explored the state of companies' information, namely that it is often less than optimal. The source explored the difference between using big data, equipped with a plan and the proper technology, and simply having a large amount of content. There are often information silos that trap data within the sections of the company that generated or created it, keeping firms from really making use of that data and leading to the information just taking up space. Organizations that fight back against this pile of content and turn it into fuel for an analytics program have flipped this script and can discover new value.

Midsize Insider specified that the end goal of big data use is good decisions. Taking all factors into account, especially those that tend to remain hidden in stacks of unobserved raw content, is a powerful advantage for companies that find the right types of solutions. The source quoted a Wikibon survey of enterprise staff members that found they are distinctly eager to turn their big data algorithms into factories for improved insights, meaning they define the value of their BI solutions as being intrinsically tied to the availability of new perspectives on content. Data is everywhere. New ways to use that information are valuable.

The right products
Finding new angles from which to view ubiquitous data is an extremely important process today, and to that end, leaders need to select solutions that go beyond the capabilities found in their conventional BI lineup. Necto 14 and its fellow modern IT processes are this type of software, expanding their intake to handle types and quantities of information that would previously been deemed useless, doomed to sit on servers and take up space. There is a kind of alchemy in BI that incorporates big data. What was once a huge inconvenience, content that took up space and by extension money, has become a powerful asset.

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