Business intelligence use cases sprouting in education

One of the most important points to do with business intelligence is that these processes are both widely applicable and specialized. What this means is that organizations of all types will end up using BI and analytics, but each vertical will have its own set of use cases and best practices. The algorithms used by a doctor's office and a bank will be distinct from one another – but with some notable overlap in areas such as customer account analysis. This means it's always worth watching as new industries take the plunge into BI, as this means there are exciting new functions on the rise.

Using BI in education
Marlabs Software's Rajmohan Sreekumaran recently told The New Indian Express he believes BI is finding its place in the education sector. He explained that everyone benefits from using analytics to make more accurate administrative decisions. The students will be better served by the courses available and these potentially happier and more successful pupils will keep the school afloat. Sreekumaran stated there is even a chance BI can solve some of the thornier dilemmas facing school districts by changing processes such as staff assignment by adding data-driven elements. As in other industries, having a direct view of information is a more sophisticated approach than betting everything on intuition.

While Sreekumaran sees ample chances to change learning through the addition of BI, he did admit to the news source that many organizations are not yet employing the solutions. He stated the low uptake means a period of growth is possible. Not only does Sreekumaran predict schools themselves and their students will reap the advantages of BI, he also expects government organizations and the overall field to benefit. While his company specializes in the Indian market, there is no reason that the decision-making benefits of BI won't suit educational districts and pupils all over the world.

Today's best BI bets
Becoming a BI leader means working with strong software, no matter the field. Whether IT departments are serving educational institutions, utilities providers or anything in between, they need to ensure they have software that can interpret of their own data in a way that makes sense to the types of employees on their payroll. This is the role of solutions such as Necto 14. When end-users have access to dashboards that reflect their own roles, they will be better able to figure out what is relevant. These processes are a way to make BI work for all roles. Going forward, they may be pivotal.

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