Calling all BI analytics programmers. Take the week off.

1If you are unfortunate enough to have already implemented a business intelligence analytics tool that requires hours of IT resources (and waiting for IT resources), don’t’ despair. There is still hope. It just doesn’t seem right that the tools that are supposed to grease the wheels of your business decision making are, in fact, slowing you down each time you need to submit an IT request just to get a new report generated or to integrate a new data source into the intelligence mix.

Believe me. I know how frustrating it can be. I used to be the guy that collected those requests and decided who would get those coveted IT resources. You were angry at people like me a lot back then.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Today’s visionary BI solution vendors make analytics, data discovery and the whole BI experience so easy that anyone who knows what they are looking for in the data can build the most intuitive reports and infographics without any programming or DBA knowledge.

That doesn’t mean that IT is out of the picture. Not at all. But once they implement a BI system they shouldn’t have to support daily transactions. It’s not unusual for people who need data analyzed ASAP to circumvent IT in the spirit of ‘self service’ (I know you’ve never done that personally. Wink.). But that just makes things more confusing for the next person who has to pull a similar report. And it doesn’t make the IT guys so happy either. They like structure and standards. And you know what? They’re right.

You may or may not remember a time when people who wanted to give a presentation had to give their notes to a designer who built slides (real slides) that you would place one by one on an overhead projector. Before that, it was flip charts. Then came along PowerPoint and Prezi and all of a sudden, you don’t work with designers. Sure, there are hundreds of Microsoft programmers who built PowerPoint and designers who created your templates and graphics. But these resources are no longer a bottleneck when you need to complete a business task – Well, they shouldn’t be. It should be the same with BI analytics and reporting.

So, any Bi solution should have a strong standards orientation so that during implementation, IT can develop a well governed system. Then, when the tools are handed off to the end users in the organization, IT can take a step back, get some snacks and do what IT people do. You know. Deal with all the other systems that make it necessary to beg for their help.

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