Casinos could roll the dice with business intelligence

Casino surveillance departments could use business intelligence in a number of areas that could benefit the organization as a whole, an industry expert recently told

Darrin Hoke, director of surveillance for L’Auberge du Lac Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana, said he believes surveillance can compile business intelligence that can be used to improve casino floor, hotel and restaurant operations. For example, he said integrating and analyzing data from surveillance can help determine how well slot signage draws foot traffic.

“It is not just about catching bad guys or breaches. It is helping operations with business analytics and security,” said Hoke, who acknowledged that strides were being made in this direction within the industry.

Such uses for business intelligence could build upon the technology’s existing benefits of analyzing sales and marketing data for other areas of the organization.

Gaming isn’t the only industry that has shown a need for expanded use of business intelligence. According to several recent reports, insurance organizations are expected to broaden the scope of their existing business intelligence platforms to cover new processes, such as claims.

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