IT and Business: Friends or foes? (White Paper)

After the fall of federated BI, we see that centralized BI is stealing the show. And with good reason. Centralized BI, if deployed correctly, can solve the problems caused by federated BI. A centralized BI solution ensures data accuracy and only one version of the truth. It also ensures data security and can save organizations a lot of resources.

That being said, everyone is wondering what will be the roles of IT and business in centralized BI. When self-service analytics came into the picture, it made IT fear for their jobs. But centralized BI is way more than self-service analytics, it is inclusive and there are defined roles for both IT and business folks. There’s room for all. So will IT and business be friends or foes?

Read the following white paper to learn more: Centralized BI: The Roles of IT and Business.

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