CEO Review: Top tech executives gather at HTIA event in Jerusalem

The High Tech Industry Association, an influential Israeli organization, recently invited top technology executives from across the world to participate in its HTIA 2011 Annual Conference in Jerusalem. I was grateful to be invited to share the stage among other top leaders and discuss Panorama’s approach to the future of the business intelligence field.

At the event, we were also treated to speeches and discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, other government ministry heads and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, as well as many other technology leaders. When given my own opportunity to speak to those gathered, I focused on Panorama Software’s innovative new offering, Panorama Necto.

High Tech Industry Association Conference in Israel

Panorama Necto is a revolutionary application that we believe will take social business software to the next level. Our new solution goes above and beyond the capabilities of anything that is currently on the market.

Traditionally, business intelligence has been criticized as a complex technology that can only be operated by a select few, highly trained employees within an organization. Well, that can no longer be the case, thanks to the collaborative approach taken by Panorama Necto.

While we borrowed a few ideas from popular consumer social networks like Facebook and Twitter, our social business intelligence offering also utilizes a robust algorithm to determine and learn which sets of data points are specific to, or preferred by, certain users. We believe this focus on relevancy of information will drastically transform how BI reports are carried out and discussed within a company.Eynav Azarya, CEO, Panorama Software

The release of Panorama Necto marks the first such solution that focuses as much on the relevancy of the data presented. It also marks our commitment to spreading BI use to more corners of an organization, rather than focusing products for use by the specialized few. That’s because we believe the more employees work together on analyzing data, the more value will be given to the information and ideas produced.Eynav Azarya, CEO, Panorama Software

I was honored to not only be invited to attend the annual HTIA conference, but to also explain to other influential technology professionals how we at Panorama Software see the future of business intelligence. Perhaps next year I can return with more insight as to where the technology field is heading and how we can better help organizations around the world improve the important decisions they make.


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