Collaborative BI and Why Your Mom Was Right All Along

If your mom is anything like mine, she probably drilled the idea of sharing into your head from a very early age. I assume we all had that nasty cousin that came over on the weekends and demanded to play with your favorite toy, and you knew that he would break it. And off course, what happened? Your mom forced you to let him play with the toy, because sharing is a beautiful virtue. In my case (and I hope in most cases too) it payed off and I learned the value of sharing.

MOBILITYToday I am faced with the Age of Information, where terms like Smart Data, BI, Dark Data, analytics, etc. constitute my vocabulary. Doesn’t sound like that value I learned since I was a tiny kid would be relevant in the modern business world and the race for success. Yet it is, and I can’t stress the importance it has. Sharing practically makes the success of a BI project, because there are many people involved in it and they must all be able to access all the information and participate in all the process. A BI project has many players, like analysts, IT people, top executives and sales people to name a few. Through sharing in BI, individual and team work practices are improved, leading to better performance in the organization overall. It makes it easier for everyone to do their job better since they will all be better informed and making insight-based decisions.

At Panorama, we gave sharing the name of social collaboration. Necto 16 takes it to the next level, embedding the power to connect and share with colleagues into every level of the decision making process. Whether analyzing data, viewing a dashboard or simply building a new model, users can initiate, conduct and track conversations and share their insight without leaving the Necto application.

Sharing is the first step to becoming a Social Enterprise, which is a new level of connectivity within the corporate world leveraging the social grid to share and collaborate on information and ideas. A socially-enabled BI platform consistently drives a more efficient operation where problems are simply uncovered and fixed before they can wreak havoc on revenue streams. So remember what your mama told you and share to improve your organization!

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