Collaborative employees thrive with business intelligence

When it comes to business intelligence (BI) usage, workers don't have to go it alone. The expansion of self service BI and a new breed of social BI systems designed to pool workers' insights could be the beginning of an exciting new status quo, where workers combine their insights to draw exciting conclusions that they could not have come to alone. Business 2 Community contributor Tom Larson recently stated that communication between departments is at an all-time premium, leading workers to software that directly facilitates connection with peers.

BI to share
Analytics is all about context in the modern workplace. According to Larson, companies with social BI software can now provide context for one another. No matter how advanced technology becomes, human insights and opinions will always be valuable. Allowing workers to share their data and results directly with one another means that they can build complex analytics cases and ask questions that one alone may not have pondered.

Teamwork when making the final call is also an advantage of social BI. Larson stated that employees collaborating over BI results can help workers make decisions together. The model that BI exists to eliminate is the lone leader forced to make a gut decision. Hard results from a BI process can help, as can the informed opinions of peers. Combining these two factors could lead companies to their best insights yet, and allowing the teamwork directly within the framework of the BI program could help boost agility.

Larson stated that BI is not a new area anymore. Rather than accepting the vanilla version of the software, companies are pushing for new innovations. Social connection could keep the experience fresh, and allow firms with previous BI experience to take the next step and improve their results further. Of course, at a company with no BI at all, the arrival of the social systems could be nothing short of seismic.

Bringing in tools
providers have recently developed a slate of BI solutions that support collaborative work. This is fortunate, as buying BI is becoming far more logical than hand coding systems. According to Software Development Times, companies have a strong business case to buy. Workers within companies need to have certain skill profiles to bring an analytics program to life. Rather than hoping their employees fit this mold or launching a search for coding help, companies can simply find a system that suits their needs.

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