Data visualization improves campaigns from the use of data insights through infographics

Panorama’s Unique value proposition, suggesting marketing insights automatically, frees up most of the manual work and leads to providing more time for campaigns decision making on boosting conversions and lead acquisition.

This transforms marketing activities into “Insights Driven campaigns” to be ahead of the game and act on actionable and relevant data (not just data). Relevant data can be seen as exceptions that need to be addressed. For example, Marketing & Sales teams track insights from leads, opportunities, conversions, to deals and digital presence processes. With a simple image with exceptions finding tool, a marketing team can react according to a decrease on KPIs, or invest heavily on exceptions that are on top. For instance, there is a problem with leads (the team will get automatic alerts) and social media is our top channel so probably we should invest more money. Please note that usually teams use this very granular meaning for every single campaign.

Conversions and lead acquisitions are improved thanks to having a clear understanding, from the beginning to the end, of how campaigns worked. Necto’s value here can be seen from users understanding results and reacting accordingly when they see exceptions in the data. For example, Gender, age or any number of different criteria can and will react differently to certain campaigns, through the use of Necto, users can then better understand and act accordingly for future campaigns. Customers of Necto have an increase of 36.36% in their revenue on average.


Through the use of Infographics, marketing teams are able to understand a vast 15amount of relevant data and why it behaved in that way. For example, which products were the best/worst selling, in which locations and so on. These insights notify you of the issue, but then go one stage further and suggest why and how the issue came about, and how it can be fixed. Necto’s Infographics give a clear and visual understanding of what happened, and why they happened, thus leaving you with the most accurate and relevant data to act on.

The Importance of Data Visualization is in essence, the visualized accessibility to huge amounts of data in easily digestible visualized dashboards. If it’s well designed, a picture can be the simplest and the most powerful tool to drive decisions.

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