Different types of data solve problems together

Today's companies are attempting to accomplish two types of progress with their business intelligence purchases. They want technology that is friendlier and more effective for users of all stripes while still incorporating powerful advanced features. This is not an easy balance to strike, but it will be important if leaders hope to become more data-savvy than their competitors. BI has been forced into a functional corner where it must be all things to all types of employees, but fortunately, the technology is up for it. The past few years have seen rapid development and improvement along with a crop of powerful, effective new releases.

What type of data?
One of the questions at the heart of BI choice is whether to purchase solutions that are able to deal with big data and unstructured content or are more traditional in their reach and format. A recent Wired Insights post by Southard Jones suggested that both approaches have their place. Jones stated that organizations are closing the gap between discovering information in their sprawling reserves and handling the same spreadsheets they always have. He pointed to further consolidation of different methodologies as the future of BI, wherein users will have systems that are both more in-depth and friendly, presenting detailed insights in friendly formats.

So, what exactly will the more accessible yet still comprehensive BI solutions of the next few years look like? Jones stated that there will be a new layer within organizations where all their content is united into a valuable resource. BI and big data will come together naturally, rather than sitting side by side, and instead of dealing with both interfaces in tandem, firms will integrate a single interface into their everyday operations. While it has been a part of businesses for years, BI is still changing in its role and features, and keeping up can help organizations compete.

Right now
While firms may think the BI products of their dreams are still years away, there are some impressive offerings available today. For instance, the latest versions of Necto combine custom visual interfaces that suit numerous types of employee roles with the ability to include big data sources in analyses. This is the type of overall presentation that can revolutionize the way leaders make decisions. No matter which department they operate within, they will not only have a view of pertinent information, but it will be in a format that makes sense and doesn't require intervention by subject matter experts from IT teams.

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