Empowered by new features, BI becomes fit for all

Business intelligence is not one static type of technology. New applications have recently arisen, delivering exciting new capabilities. Companies may constantly have to reconsider the question of whether business intelligence software is appropriate, with the tent constantly expanding to accommodate new users. According to Software Advice contributor Michael Koploy, there is a serious opportunity for leaders at small companies to take on new BI systems, based on the technology's exciting new capabilities.

Recent developments

Gathering more data under one operational umbrella is important for small business leaders, according to Koploy. He noted that executives at small companies are often called on to work on more than one area of the company's product lineup – staffs are too small to designate specialized roles. This versatility is a good match for modern analytics tools' ability to combine multiple business areas into a single view.

Koploy explained that newer business intelligence systems are better at synthesizing disparate data groupings than ever before and, more than that, at making them into easy-to-view visualizations. Even large quantities of information can be easy to comprehend if presented in an appealing, visualized form.

Instead of simply sitting in executives' offices, dashboards can now go on the road through mobile business intelligence. According to Koploy, this is yet another way the technology has improved its appeal for busy small business executives. If data analytics is a mobile process, managers can view important information even when travelling or off-duty. These programs are not simply smaller versions of their desktop companions. Koploy noted that alerts and dashboards designed specifically for the smaller scree

BI realizations

According to a separate report in Reseller News, more companies have found their way to business intelligence after discovering that there is no need to install new information collection products. The source explained that many companies already have a vast amount of information. Modern IT systems often process more information than their older equivalents, meaning companies logging their information has given them the resources needed to succeed in the BI space.

The key for a company, according to Reseller News, is still proving that a system will be worth its cost. The source noted that firms need to see positive return on investment before committing to business intelligence tools. BI program director Scott Turnridge suggested that the time saved in analyzing information for reporting purposes could represent the source of value for companies.

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