Expert sees small companies diving into mobile BI

Companies interested in various advanced business intelligence permutations may wonder if their size or industry discounts them. As the solutions available and the types of firms considering them are varied, the answers are similarly multifarious. In the case of mobile BI, however, the field is wide open. The simple premise of these systems – that firms will be better equipped to manage data if they have constant access to it – has resonated with many different companies, including small businesses, according to TechTarget.

Aggression a plus
The news source reported that Howard Dresner, an industry analyst and author of a report on the market adoption of mobile BI, saw interest in the solutions lowest among mid-sized businesses, with small and large companies both on board. He stated that this is normal for new tech deployment, with the littlest firms scrapping for any market share they can gain and the largest able to afford trial forays into the latest developments.

Dresner explained that small companies are agile and believe their cultures support the addition of mobile BI, allowing them to take the lead on the issue, well ahead of their mid-sized brethren. In fact, the question of readiness got positive responses from many different corners of the enterprise world. TechTarget noted that Dresner's study found 70 percent of companies consider themselves "somewhat or completely" ready for mobile BI on a cultural level.

Mobile BI is still on the rise, Dresner told the source, as the importance of the technology to the companies he polled rose as the year went on. He noted that some smaller segments of the market found mobile BI a more important app than email access programs, a perennial number one.

Other priority programs
Mobility is not the only advanced feature turning heads among BI users, but many are also interested in self-service BI. This is a close cousin of mobile, as both tend to empower workers outside the usual IT sphere to use analytics. The focus in both cases is also on resonant and easy to understand interfaces. Industry expert Wayne Kernochan, contributing to Enterprise Apps Today, recently noted that companies should focus on agility and making their data move faster before deploying self-service applications. This is as opposed to adding self-service and hoping it will enforce agility through its mere presence. He stated that self-service should be part of a strategy, not something that stands alone.

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