Gartner: Business intelligence will soon be focus of IAM projects

As identity and access management continue to fail, research firm Gartner recently predicted that the aim of such initiatives will shift from administration to business intelligence during the next three years, Computer Weekly reports.

While business intelligence has been high on the priority list of many companies, those that have already deployed the technology will look to broaden its scope to include other areas of the organization, such as IAM.

“For example, joining together data in IAM systems and security logs with other data could be massively valuable to both IT and the business,” James Richardson, BI research director at Gartner, said at the recent IAM Summit 2011 in London, according to Computer Weekly.

This will happen because project failures prompt 50 percent of companies to shift IAM efforts to intelligence from administration, Gartner contends.

Like other parts of a business, IAM projects must limit costs and deliver real-world business results, according to Gartner. That is leading more IAM professionals to take a more strategic approach, the firm reports.

Numerous industries have examined broadening which business areas are affected by business intelligence. In insurance, for example, BI is widely deployed for underwriting and actuarial, but will expand to encompass claims processes in the near future.

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