Get out of the office – Panorama releases Necto 15 with new mobile capabilities

The other day, my daughter came home from school and asked me if I could help her figure out a how to use a site that she had been assigned to research. We looked at the site together. It was a content site with articles and sliding panels and a good looking timeline tool that you could click to select content in a very organized way.


The problem was that my daughter uses her phone to access the Internet. The information that was presented on the desktop version of the site was practically inaccessible on my daughter’s phone. The scroll bars were too narrow for fingers. The scripted controls didn’t work properly. And I guess it was some heavy coding that worked fine on my laptop but kept getting stuck on the phone. There are so many examples of this type of ‘cyber crime’ and I’m sure you experience them all the time.

A few years back, we didn’t know that Websites were all going to have to be adapted for mobile screens and capabilities. And cloud-based services were not even on the radar. But today, there is really no justification for Websites to ignore mobile users. When it comes to services, however, ignoring mobile users, or treating them like second class citizens is inexcusable.

Today, there are a lot of sites that have taken their PC-based interface and ported to mobile controls. That’s awfully helpful for people, like my daughter or busy mobile workers, who rely more and more on their phones and tablets for delivery of constantly changing information. What’s even more helpful are apps and browser-based applications whose value is multiplied simply by being designed for mobile devices. Online, interactive maps, for example, are great to have when you want to locate a restaurant while sitting at your desk. But combine a map with a mobile device and some other tools such as GPS and the value of the tools is maximized.

It’s the same with BI tools. A BI solution like the recently announced Panorama NECTO 15 is extremely valuable to busy executives when they are at their desks or at meetings with their laptops. But the usefulness of features like quick, easy to understand BI infographics, 1-click insights, automated analysis, exception alerts and social collaboration are magnified many times when those busy people are out of the office. They need to react and respond to BI insights as quickly and accurately as possible, no matter where they are.

Speed, clarity and self-service automation are some of the keys to staying ahead of the game with BI when you’re on the road (or in bed for you workaholics).

The new mobile features of Necto 15 are now available from Panorama. It’s worth your while to take a look. Even on your phone.


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