GetApp’s SaaS Summer Games 2016


Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games came to an end, and so did GetApp’s SaaS Summer Games 2016. While athletes competed for gold in Brazil, the top SaaS companies in the world competed to prove themselves as the most popular SaaS application. The games consisted of six different events, related to types of applications.

The events where the following:

Accounting Software
Social Media Marketing Software
Learning Management Systems
Employee Scheduling Software
Marketing Automation Software
And saving the best for last… *drumroll*…
Business Intelligence Software

The games discovered who are the top vendors, helping software buyers in their decision making process, and also help discover which countries produce the greatest SaaS software. The competition is based on the average rating given by GetApp users, across 27 different categories. In order to qualify for the competition, the software must appear in GetApp’s Category Leaders ranking. It also has to have at least 10 user reviews.

Before we go on to tell you about the BI event and how Panorama did, we want to give a big shout out to all our users that rated us so kindly in GetApp! Thank you, you are the best! And also a big thank you to GetApp for hosting the SaaS Summer Games and letting us have so much fun along the way!

We know you want to know about the games, you can stop holding your breath now…we’ll tell you what happened:

Panorama Software earned the silver medal at the Games! Our smart data discovery, automated insights, and top-notch capabilities came out to shine in the competition. We’re thrilled to receive the medal. Jacques Botbol, Head of Marketing, Panorama Software said: “Hard work pays off. We are very excited at Panorama Software. You know what they say, getting silver only means you’ll train harder and get gold next time.”


Jacques is right, we’re aiming for gold next year. The SaaS Summer Games and the Rio Olympics got us thinking that we share a lot in common with the world’s top athletes. At Panorama, just like Olympic athletes, we have determination, perseverance, our eyes on the goal, discipline, ambition, focus, commitment, adaptability and team work. All this, together with our amazing users, is what will get us gold next year!

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