Great to hear from partner community

Panorama Software recently did its best rock ‘n roll impersonation and ventured out on a world tour to spread the word about our revolutionary solution, Panorama Necto. Okay, so our trips through the U.K., Germany, and Singapore may have been different than those of the Rolling Stones, but the Panorama Necto roadshow still gave us a great opportunity to connect with the many organizations we regularly rely on.

It’s always great to host workshops with our partner community. From all that we’ve heard at the various seminars we’ve hosted recently, Panorama’s partners are both excited about the future of BI technology and eager to learn more about how it can help foster better decision-making and accelerate business growth.

On August 4, we hosted the Future of Information Management – Mobile BI and the Cloud. Focused on the hottest trends in BI right now – the spread of mobile devices and managed services is creating the desire among users to gain access to BI reports anytime and anywhere.

“I always find vision very important and interesting,” said seminar attendee Brian Searle, a consult with U.K.-based firm TRIAD Consulting.

“Also I enjoyed that it was backed by very good observations with business technology and social tech,” Searle added

That same day we also hosted BI 3.0: Revolutionary Way to Connect Data, Insights & People for Greater Collaboration and Faster Decision Making. In response to that discussion, Searle commented that Panorama Necto features “very impressive functionality to support long-term vision of BI.” That’s great to hear, considering a main goal of ours is to make business intelligence solutions more accessible to wider user bases within organizations.

Our world tour is on-going, so we hope to catch some of you at our upcoming events. Come out and learn what the future of business intelligence could mean for your company.

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