How do Users rate their BI Platforms?

Analysis of Gartner’s “Survey Analysis: Customers Rate Their BI Platform Vendor, 2014″ By Rony Ross.

Which BI platform got the best Business Benefit Score?

Which platform was rated as Easiest to Use?

Which platform received the best BI Success Factor Score?

Over 1500 users rated the BI platforms they are using in what is considered to be the industry’s most respected and widest reaching User Survey of the year.

The Survey, conducted by Gartner, rated tools by the 42 leading vendors who appear on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. The vendor list covers all the known industry players from Megavendors like SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft, through Data Discovery vendors like Tableau and Qlik, Magic Quadrant Visionaries like Panorama and Alteryx and 36 others.

The survey’s results, published a couple of weeks ago, exhibit once again that Megavendors are judged below average on many measures of customer success, while smaller independents and data discovery vendors win most of the above average ratings.

The winners this year are Birst and Panorama Software. Panorama Software, who won flying colors last year, came out topmost on 5 categories, including the BI Success Factor Score and the Business Benefit Score. Notable is the win on BI Success Factor as it averages Product, Customer Experience, Sales Experience and Performance. Panorama Software came in second on 5 categories, including Composite Ease of Use, Percentage of Customers Using the Widest Range of Analytic Styles, and Average Integration Score. It was rated as top 5 on 6 additional categories and above average on all the rest. A very remarkable result especially in view of the competition.

Other vendors who fared well in the survey include Logi Analytics, Bitam and Tableau.

Panorama received the topmost score out of all MQ vendors on the following:

BI Success Factor Score that averages Product, Customer Experience, Sales Experience and Performance.
Average Business Benefit Score
Ability to embed and customize BI Platform Components in an Application or Portal
Ability to promote Business User-Generated Data Mashups to the System of Record
Integrated and Common Front-End Tools

It received the 2 position on:

Composite Ease of Use
Percentage of Customers Using the widest range of analytic styles
Average Integration Score
Integration across BI Platform Components
A Common Semantic Layer Across Components

It was rate top 5 for:

Sales Experience Score
Customer Experience Score
Average Support Score
View of the Vendor Future Score
Ease of Upgrade score
Ability to integrate with Complementary BI capabilities
A Common Security Model and Admin Application Components Across the Platform

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Rony Ross

Founder & Chairman

Panorama Software

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