(How-old.net) How Old Is Your BI & Data Discovery Solution?

I still remember buying my first Sony Walkman. It changed my life. Really. But now looking back 20 + years, it amazes me how quickly I moved on to the CD player, the MiniDisk and then finally the iPod.

I had this one friend (I’m sure we all did), stubborn, didn’t like the idea of change and called us all crazy for going after the new and improved products of that time. Ill never forget the day he got his first Smart Phone, after years with an old school Nokia, he finally saw what was really going on.

As we progress through the 21st Century, it’s becoming incredibly evident that we need to keep up with the time. Would you want to get left behind??

Why use an outdated version when you could use the latest most up to date version?

The same can be said in our world of BI Data Discovery.Bringing us to what really matters. Data.

For a small word, its really having a large impact on us! That is why its so important to utilize it in the right way. But so too our solutions. BI Data Discovery Solutions of old need to keep up with the ever increasing pace.

Panorama is leading the way in next generation Business Intelligence Data Discovery Analytics 3.0. Features such as Collaboration, Automation, Visual Discovery in Astonishing Dashboards and a Unified & Governed, Self Service BI Data Discovery.

Necto truly empowers its users unlike any other BI Data Discovery Solution before. We’ve taken BI Data Discovery of the old and made it smarter. Smart BI is all the talk of 2015 – so don’t get left behind. Our data discovery capabilities can leverage advanced Analytics under the covers to simplify business user data preparation whilst automating pattern exploration, in just 2 clicks. That’s right, data in just 2 clicks!

At the end of the day, when push comes to shove… you need ask yourself, would I rather listen to my music by winding back my cassettes and playing music on my Sony Walkman, or effortlessly scrolling through endless options on my iPod…

Well the same goes for BI Data Discovery tools. Don’t let your data get stuck in the past when you could enjoy it in a brighter and smarter future.

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