The Emergence of HTML5: Saying Goodbye to Flash

Technology Concept: HTML5

Technology Concept: HTML5


HTML5 is emerging as the alternative to the aging Adobe Flash technology. Many users are claiming that HTML5 technology is better, faster and is built for newer technologies which Flash does not support.
Panorama Necto now offers the HTML5 Client as an additional option on top of its Flash-based client.


Here are some key attributes of HTML5 technology:

  • HTML5 is a general term for the next generation of web apps. It encompasses the expansion of functionality by making three aspects better: markup (HTML), style (CSS), and interactivity (JavaScript).
  • It can run on any computer system and various mobile gadgets such as Android devices iPad, iPhone, and other tablets and smartphones.
  • Using the newer technology of HTML5, animations, video clips, and other multimedia tools can be embedded with a text file.

The advantages of using Necto with HTML5 are clear:

Faster operation:

Flash can run as slow as a snail’s pace at times. The reason is that Flash does not have access to the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Therefore the processing of graphics in Flash happens on the Central Processing Unit (CPU).  HTML5 content runs faster also because HTML5 has a lightweight framework, requiring less processing power.

The Necto HTML5 Client ensures much faster operation versus the Flash-based client. So businesses can further enhance their portal/app with visually-engaging and relevant data visualizations, infographics, and dashboards. It is also now much easier to embed Necto BI in portals and web pages. This makes data analytics accessible to users which could result in vast improvement in daily business operations.

Navigation app concept illustration

Navigation direction mobile application concept illustration


  • Another drawback of Flash is that it is unable to run on mobile devices. HTML5 is compatible with a touchscreen and can run on any mobile device without any issues.

With the HTML5 client, Necto can be accessed using any device. With users having faster and easier access to data and analytics, they will immediately know what happens in their business and will be able to create measures and solutions, preventing major problems in the future. The self-service capabilities of mobile devices is also an advantage, and all relevant stakeholders of the business will have one version of the truth. Even if they are outside the office. Now, users are more empowered with data insights and have effective and real-time collaboration with others.

Future-Proof Technology

Adobe has announced that it has plans of discontinuing Flash by the end of 2020. the HTML5 Client module for Necto will ensure that the investment in Necto is future-proof.

Other significant benefits of Necto HTML5 Client:

  • It increases the number of effective licenses of a business. The reason behind this is because now, purchasing separate Necto Mobile licenses will not be needed.
  • View-only users will experience a simplified user interface.

Get the competitive edge for your business with a highly secure and scalable BI solution that has a centrally administered fully web-based system with automated analysis and hidden insights, which is now encased in a simplified HTML5 user interface. With the Necto HTML5 client, businesses who are already flourishing using Necto BI on Flash technology will benefit all the more.

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