Improving data for business intelligence is key this year

As enterprise financial leaders continue to steer their organizations out of the worst of the economic recession, many will be determined to focus on means to foster growth within the business this year, according to a recent Business Finance report. For many, that will mean taking a closer look at business intelligence.

Many companies have already begun prioritizing business intelligence platforms for higher investment, but, in speaking with Business Finance, expert Tom Willman said they will take the process one step further to focus on the data used for analytics.

“Business intelligence and analytics applications have been at the top of the list of priorities for some time, but what’s steadily moving up the list is the need to establish more integrity, more stewardship, more governance around the data,” Willman, who is with consulting firm the Hackett Group, said.

Too often now, Willman argued, companies throw resources at applications without focusing on the data. The result is poor information that is derived from the poor data.

A recent TechTarget report made a similar point. According to the news source, companies must realize the effects data quality can have on advanced analytics projects.

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