Panorama is Awarded Best Innovation Partner by Amdocs

Last week Panorama received the “Best Innovation Partner for 2017” award by Amdocs. We were honored to receive the award at the Amdocs Global Partner Conference in Miami last week, where we presented our state of the art BI software as part of the Amdocs Optima offering. In addition, attendees watched a video discussing our successful partnership with the ATT Foundry. This award is an honor to us, as it represents our innovation from a product and technology perspective, and our deep engagement and commitment with Amdocs. We are very proud of this partnership and hope to continue working together towards mutual success and innovation.amdocs award conference

Our Partnership with Amdocs

Amdocs is the leading software and services provider to telecom companies around the world. Their promise is to enable their customers’ digital transformation through innovative solutions and expertise. They are constantly innovating and creating solutions to deliver this promise to their customers.

Amdocs partnered with Panorama because both are companies fully committed to driving innovation. Panorama is the most innovative smart data discovery and Business Intelligence provider. Panorama’s Necto is the most secure, centralized, and state of the art BI solution. Necto has a unique value proposition, providing state of the art technology and a centralized architecture. This allows users to enjoy agile self-service with enterprise-level governability.

Necto is now available to Amdocs customers as the analytics and dashboard component of their Optima product line. Users can enjoy Necto’s beautiful dashboards with limitless data visualizations, such as customizable infographics. The use of infographics allows users to view data in their own context. It also makes data more understandable and boosts engagement with viewers. Users can access their dashboards from any device, including mobile devices. They can know what is happening in their business at all times. Thanks to the partnership of Amdocs and Panorama, all Amdocs Optima users can benefit from Necto’s state of the art Business Intelligence.

The Award

Amdocs held a conference for all their global partners in Miami last week. Panorama received the “Best Innovation Partner for 2017” award. It is an honor to receive this award. It means a lot, specially coming from Amdocs, one of the most innovative companies out there. During the conference, Amdocs also presented Necto as part of their Optima product offering, showing a demo of Necto’s capabilities.

Other Amdocs partners and attendees watched a video about our partnership with the ATT Foundry. This is another topic we take pride in. Our partnership with Amdocs led to working with ATT, who tell us we could do for them in 5 days what other BI providers tried to do for months. This speaks for our continued commitment, our drive, and our passion for innovation. Our commitment is to innovate and make sense of data. Our partnership with Amdocs makes us proud. We hope to continue driving innovation in the market together.

Amdocs Award

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