Insights at Intel Capital Global Summit

This year’s Intel Capital Global Summit was a great success. Inspirational industry thought leaders gathered together to talk about their businesses, future technologies, and innovation. Eynav Azarya, CEO of Panorama Software, said it was a pleasure to be there. He mainly talked about data insights.


This is a word we hear often, maybe even too often. Everybody talks about insights, but not everybody knows how to find them or what real insights look like. Necto is a state of the art solution that can, among other things, find hidden insights in your data within a centrally managed environment. There are two key points here: insights and centralized. Let’s start discussing the later, as this will help us understand the first.

Centralized BI is on the rise because it helps organizations get true benefits from their data while keeping it secure. In federated BI, the opposite model, users work in their own desktops. Each user exports data and edits it, then there are hundreds of versions of the truth. It is impossible to merge this data because no one can know which are the real, true, and most updated versions of the data. Only centralized BI allows users to work connected in order to maintain a single version of the truth. One version of the truth is about the organization being aligned. Knowledge should not stay in just one department or get lost in excel spreadsheets across the organization. It should aggregate multiple areas to enable the company to get ahead of trends. The organization as a whole gets smarter as people work together.

Plus, when users work in separate desktops, data gets lost in silos. And there is a lot of finger pointing when data breaches occur. Federated BI makes this kind of scenarios very common. IT teams are held responsible when there is a data breach, yet they are not in control of who edits, saves, or deletes data within the organization. So in order to prevent data leaks, IT restricts data sharing as much as they can. In contrast to this scenario, with a centralized model, IT can govern over data permissions and restrictions. They decide who gets to see and edit what data. They set up private and public folders.

Centralization leads to more sharing within the organization. Now IT can give more data access because they can be comfortable that they know who has permission and who doesn’t. When there is more data security, there can be more safe sharing. And this leads to one of the greatest benefits of centralization.

Thanks to the ability to share knowledge safely across departments, users can now drive collective knowledge. Their findings no longer stay in only one domain or get lost in silos. Users can share their findings and insights with other colleagues. Everyone sees the same insights, the same true data—according to the data permissions previously set by IT.

Necto Drives Collective Insights

Necto is the most secure, centralized, and state of the art BI solution. It finds hidden insights in the users’ data automatically. This allows users to see things that they were not actively looking for. On top of that, users can define their own thresholds for data exceptions and Necto will notify them when anomalies occur. Real insights are the ones that can be transformed into action to give the company a competitive advantage, and that can only be done in a centralized environment that allows “safe insight sharing” and maintains one version of the truth.

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