It’s all about that ‘Smart Data’

So what is all the fuss about – isn’t it just a bunch Data?

Simply speaking, no!

Business intelligence (BI) is the process for analyzing data and presenting that data to help businesses and other users in making more informed decisions. BI encompasses a variety of tools that enables organizations to collect data, analyze that data, develop and run queries against that data, and by creating dashboards showing how data visualizations can give clearer analytical understandings of results.

By 2017, most data discovery tools will have incorporated smart data discovery capabilities to expand the reach of interactive analysis.

But what’s the difference? Was BI once not so smart?

Here are some Smart BI concepts that have emerged over the last few years:

• It has led to an improvement in the visualization of data. With Necto 15, data is managed through smart dashboards that truly empower their users to visually interpret and explore the data in the most intuitive and business oriented way. As they say, “one picture is worth a thousand words, one info-graphic represents tons of data

•  Suggestive data discovery. Necto 15’ automatically suggests to business users where data insights can be found, while presenting that data in visual, clearly understandable terms. This next generation data discovery capabilities can leverage advanced analytics to simplify business user data preparation and automate data pattern exploration.

• Necto 15’s Recommendation engines track, analyze and create links between data, user profiles, user interests and other user behaviors resulting in better connections to all users. Suggestions to relevant data and trends in relevant data insights are a continuous process enabling the ultimate in collaboration with the right people.

• Necto 15 connects to any Data Source. Mashing up data from the Corporate BI platform and ad hoc data sources (Excel, unstructured or semi-structured data) for intuitive data discovery.

• Collaboration plays a big role in today’s BI as communication is key to success. Necto 15’s crowd sourcing is embedded into every level of the decision-making process. Whether you are analyzing data, viewing a dashboard, creating or discussing a data info-graphic, you can always collaborate your data with colleagues in one system.

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