It’s official – SQL Server 2012 now available

The latest and greatest database offering from Microsoft officially went live at the SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event on March 7, 2012. And Panorama was proud to be a part of the launch. The new release offers many upgrades from its predecessor and is ideal to address the latest data trends.

During the launch event, Microsoft vice president Ted Kummert shared this sentiment and spoke about how SQL Server 2012 can address these needs moving forward.

“Data is being generated faster than ever before, and organizations need a way to process and analyze all that data,” said Kummert. “Whatever the type or size of data, SQL Server 2012 delivers the platform and familiar tools to manage data, generate actionable insights and help drive business impact.”

Enthusiasm surrounding the release of SQL Server 2012 was also much higher than other Microsoft events. Early statistics have shown that traffic regarding the launch was 10-times higher than past events, with more than 345,000 page views, more than 8,000 partner check-ins and 58,000 video session views.

The excitement Panorama and other partners experienced also translated into social media platforms like Twitter. In fact, the social media website accounted for 83 percent of all mentions regarding the event, followed by news outlets with 12 percent.

Panorama announced for the SQL 2012 launch, that its socially-enabled BI platform Necto is now on SQL Server 2012, Microsoft’s cloud-ready database software. Necto analytics allows enterprise users to receive the full power and value of SQL Server 2012. Working on both MDX and DAX languages, it can handle the combination of both organizational OLAP data and in-memory user data with seamless migrations. Complex enterprises with multiple data sources can utilize Necto as a connection point to develop broader insights, which are all viewable in a web-based workboard.

“We are very pleased to offer Necto on SQL Server 2012 for beta testing download, and firmly believe this combination will have a transformative effect on enterprise analytics,” said Eynav Azarya, CEO of Panorama Software. “Our collaboration and integration experience with Microsoft enables Necto to be a perfect complement to SQL Server 2012, a combined solution that quickly produces relevant data insights.”

Microsoft said the product has already been adopted by several high-profile companies, including Volvo, LG Chemical, Revlon and Klout. Engineering vice president of Klout David Mariani said the business has already benefited from the new product.

“With SQL Server 2012 and integrated business intelligence tools, we’re processing massive volumes of data queries in near real time. Microsoft’s data platform has continued to advance and help us keep up with the evolving world of data,” Mariani said.

Although some businesses are in the process of adopting SQL Server 2012, the virtual launch event page will be available for the next 90 days to help organizations making the transition. To visit the Panorama booth at the SQL 2012 Virtual Launch event, please register here.

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