Marketers embrace BI in big data era

The future of business intelligence is obscure, but that doesn't mean it's in doubt. The only question is which way the technology will bend as new developments come to light and departments around the world find new uses for their data. This is especially pressing as algorithms emerge that can perform analytics on big data – content sources that are too large or unstructured to be compatible with older methods of BI. The ceiling is now truly unlimited for content analysis in an enterprise context and it's up to leaders to make some sense of their best ways forward using whichever solutions they think will work best.

Marketing means analyzing the data
Selling products is one field that may benefit from data but is all about human feelings and motivation. Forbes contributor Greg Satell gave an overview of the problems and potential facing marketers in the big data BI age. He specified that the ideas that have always moved campaigns will still be important, but analytics will change and improve in the ways they are applied. The possibility for complete failure to connect was always present in the past of marketing, but the insights that come from big data might be able to dodge those slip-ups.

The bold concepts that define generations of ads are typically birthed from minds rather than dredged up by algorithms. However, those tech tools are exceptionally good at running all the options, Satell specified. This is where they could hedge the risk of advertising development. Instead of pouring money into a campaign that means nothing to the target market, marketing departments can run predictive algorithms and determine whether the idea will catch on or not. This is the kind of obvious capability that leaders could have imagined at any time in the past century, but now it is upon them and they can seize it by selecting a good solution.

Working with powerful tech
The next generation of BI solutions has arrived just in time to help companies market their wares to savvy and aware consumers. Getting ahead of the competition and delivering programs that don't falter is massively important for leaders, which means they need to access big data. This could call for a solution such as Necto 14, which combines a view of varied and copious content with features such as custom dashboards. Employees throughout the organization can each learn the facts most pertinent to them. This may include marketing insights that save mone​y.

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