Marketers set to become BI leaders in 2015

The use of business intelligence is a broader area of organizational focus now than ever before. While these systems were once confined to a few experts, every generation has brought them closer to their destiny as easy-to-use tech solutions. The story of BI is the same as that of every other system that started in an exclusive silo and ended up on every desk. Prices and ease of use are becoming more forgiving and companies are realizing that the outdated model employees must use to file BI jobs with experienced workers dedicated to the task is inefficient. End users are calling for BI access and the tools are there to accommodate them.

The rise of marketing
Forbes contributor Prakash Nanduri recently sketched his view of BI in 2015, and the predictions include the furthering of several trends that are emergent today. For instance, Nanduri suggested that BI will go well beyond the IT department in the year ahead, with other departments making their own purchases. He offered two choices to IT leaders in the face of this demand: They can either make peace with the non-tech users and work toward common goals, or they can lose control of the ecosystem and be left behind. Today's employees are goal-driven – when they see an opportunity to improve their workflow, they take it.

Marketing is a department on the rise at companies all over the world. Nanduri stated that these sections are driving the expansion of their respective companies, a new status that means marketers have a hand in tech adoption. The author reported there are new possibilities unlocked by the presence of BI. Marketers are intensely interested in being guided by the facts gathered from inside and outside their organizations, as this means the end of intuition as a leadership tool. Firms guided by data will have a real-world view of their circumstances, one that could elude other organizations.

Time for self-service
Nanduri's insistence that self-service features are a pressing trend raises an issue for firms selecting BI software. They need this advanced feature now. Fortunately, solutions such as Necto 14 are ready to meet such requirements. The software is built to accommodate the needs of many different professionals, offering dashboards that show just what the users need to know. CEOs will have very different ideal views than marketers, but each can rest easy knowing he or she does not have to face down pages of menus or raw data to learn pertinent details. No matter which department is in the driver's seat, self-service BI features help them lead the way.

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