Microsoft and Panorama – Better together for Business Intelligence

It is great to see Microsoft coming out (once again) with a great new platform to allow users to build Business Intelligence solution upon.

Panorama Software and Microsoft have a long standing relationship. It started when Microsoft acquired Panorama’s first generation technology which enabled Microsoft’s entry into the BI arena, and continued over many years of joint marketing and collaboration. Based on this strategic partnership, we utilize Microsoft’s technology and platform to build innovative customer-focused business intelligence solutions.

The new Power BI release gives Panorama the opportunity to extend its Necto Business Intelligence offering through new capabilities and technologies, including:

• Integration – allowing users to use Necto as the front end to data that is collected on the Power BI platform utilizing our native integration to the Power BI data models and leverage its technologies to the fullest – in ways that regular users are not able to attain otherwise.
• Collaboration – using the wide variety of industry leading collaboration tools and concepts we have developed to deliver data set and/or data element specific to drive fast and accurate collaborative decision making processes
• Visualizations – building dynamically data driven Infographics and advanced charting capabilities
• Industry knowledge – offering pre-defined and structured KPIs, models and solutions based on specific industry standards and knowledge
• Security – adding an additional layer of security that is data set specific, with highly flexible in definition, but strictly adhered to at every level
• Automation – automated and suggestive tools that helps the users identify the data and insights they need to see

Panorama Software’s ability to quickly provide new capabilities and innovations greatly benefits from our long standing and close partnership with Microsoft and over 2,000 joint customers. This relationship allows us to utilize their technologies to the maximum, and deliver great new capabilities.

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