Mobile BI is a best practice

It's not enough today to have a strong business intelligence program. These processes need to go beyond their vanilla configurations and add something new to the mix. It could be a connection to the cloud, access through mobile devices or anything in between. There are numerous advantages to be gained by transforming a program to fit a company's own identity, and adding advanced functionality is one way to achieve that ambitious but promising goal. In a world where nearly every organization is a capable BI user, the very few experts at the top of the pyramid seem poised to become leaders.

The case for mobility
A recent Business 2 Community post compiled by GetApp from research from its partners demonstrated that there is a strong case to be made for applying mobile BI features, no matter how early in the deployment process it is and whatever the size of the adopting company. The source explained that mobility features add agility and reactive responses, with the entire field on the brink of a full-on conversion to mobile. If it is possible to transfer strong and functional dashboards to various mobile screens, there is no reason to keep employees within their offices. This also fits with the concept of self-service BI, with users taking their new software anywhere they go.

Mobile BI may seem like a next-step sort of technology, the kind to come back to in a few years. That time, however, has already passed. The source implied that organizations should be picking up their mobile strategies now to prepare to face the challenges ahead. If competitors aren't yet mobile enabled, the extra agility could be a helpful benefit. If they are, these features will likely be necessary just to keep up. This is the mark of a solution seeing its moment: Companies without it will seem antiquated rather than those with it seeming out of step with the field.

A fully featured solution
When shopping for new BI suites, potential users can inspect Necto 14, which contains a wide variety of mobile features. The handheld device market is currently fragmented between the leaders, which is why Necto works with iOS, Android and Windows. The same program is available across laptop computers, tablets and even smartphones such as the ever-popular iPhone. Business today is being carried out remotely and on the go, which means analytics tools should be available in these situations. Whenever users may need decision-making power, Necto can be there to help them succeed.

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