Mobile, social BI adoption could explode in 2013

Mobile and social enterprise strategies are infiltrating organizations across every industry. According to multiple studies, companies are leveraging business intelligence (BI) tools to take advantage of the benefits of bring-your-own-device initiatives and the growing popularity of social networking sites.

In a recent blog for SmartData Collective, Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research, outlined the results of his company’s recent study, which found business analytics to be the top technology innovation goal for 2013.

The report revealed that more than half of organizations consider business analytics to be extremely important when it comes to making smarter decisions and forecasting future trends. Currently, only 9 percent are satisfied with the solutions they have in place. Many companies are having trouble integrating data into their infrastructures (55 percent), accessing the information when necessary (35 percent) and producing accurate results (22 percent), according to the study. 

At the same time, the research indicated that companies will adopt a wide range of BI solutions to accomplish their goals, including:

– Mobile BI solutions: As with most enterprise mobility movements, mobile BI could be the most disruptive business intelligence sector in 2013. By adopting these solutions, decision-makers are hoping to increase employee productivity while enhancing sales numbers and customer service. An earlier survey by BI Scorecard found that BI specialists believe mobile business intelligence applications will improve the most in 2013, according to Information-Management. 

“Only a minority of companies has deployed mobile BI, but for the ones who are successful, the adoption rate is at 39 percent,” Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard, told the source. “That’s about 15 percent higher than the industry average. I think it will be the technology that helps BI become more mainstream and impactful.”

Company leaders are also hoping that mobile BI will improve collaboration, which is another top priority for 2013.

– Social media: Social BI solutions could also be on the rise, according to the Ventana Research report. Less than 10 percent of organizations are satisfied with their social enterprise strategies at the moment. But many are aware of the advantages these applications can provide, including a competitive business advantages (cited by three-quarters of respondents) and improved hiring capabilities.

– Big data: Ventana Research became the latest firm to project substantial growth for the big data sector. According to the study, organizations that have deployed successful big data strategies have reported a 28 percent increase in business. 

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