Necto and Amdocs Rock the Mobile World Congress

Last week we had the pleasure to present Necto at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. More than 100,000 professionals from all over the world attended the congress. Visitors explored the most cutting-edge mobile enabled products and technologies. Amdocs featured Necto as the analytics platform for its product Optima.

telco congress

Amdocs and Panorama: A Partnership For Innovation

Amdocs is the leading software and services provider to communications and media companies all around the globe. Their promise is to enable their customers’ digital and network transformation through innovative solutions and delivery expertise. Amdocs is constantly innovating and creating solutions that allow their customers to meet their goals. That is how the partnership with Panorama came into being. Panorama is the most innovative smart data discovery and Business Intelligence provider in the market. Panorama’s Necto is the most secure, centralized, and state of the art BI solution. It provides users with a lot more than modern Business Intelligence. Necto’s state of the art technology and features, plus its centralized architecture, make its value proposition unique in the market. Now Amdocs customers can enjoy Necto’s advanced analytics as well.

Panorama Software partnered with Amdocs and extended their Optima product line with Necto’s Dashboards. Necto offers beautiful dashboards with limitless data visualizations. Users can visualize their data with customizable infographics. These are easy to understand and boost engagement. The use of infographics allows users to view data in their own context, making it more digestible and valuable. Using Necto, users can access their dashboards on any mobile device. They can scroll through charts, remove items from graphs and slice the data. Necto is taking Business Intelligence to the next level, allowing users to know what is happening in their business at all times.

At Panorama, through our partnership with Amdocs, we are committed to help companies evolve from reactive to proactive.

screenshot mobile congress

Also, you probably heard about “Pepper”, Amdocs Humanoid. Here is a picture of Pepper and our CEO, Eynav (Navi) Azaria, having a meaningful conversion about the future of Business Intelligence and the machine learning algorithm that powers Panorama’s products and Pepper’s own soul..

Navi and Pepper

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