Necto and Google Big Query help turn big data into value

"Big data" is a common buzzword in IT today. The idea is exciting – if companies can use more diverse data sets, they can gain more accurate insights into their client base, competitors and industry. This conveys a notable advantage. There is a catch, however. These businesses must seek out technology that will help them harness their big data sets, taking into account the volume, variety and velocity that make those resources unique. Legacy business intelligence systems could fail here, tied as they are to structured information stored neatly in databases. This is where Necto is different. Its recently announced integration capability with Google BigQuery means massive data is an opportunity, not a challenge.

Strong analysis for big data
Google, realizing that many companies lack the hardware and processing power to handle today's data sets on their own, created BigQuery as a web-based alternative. With the support of this service, companies can unlock functionality well beyond what their own hardware is able to generate. Such an operation only gets better when combined with Panorama's business intelligence offering Necto, as the integration combines the raw power of Google's hosted service and the user-friendly features of Necto, including its social integration and strong visualizations.

"You will be able to pass through the analytical queries directly to Google, generate them and show the result in Necto. So you can unleash all the power that Necto has, while the work is actually done on the other side," Panorama Vice President of Research and Development Kobi Averbuch commented.

When using Necto in this way, users can also cache their query results. This means that if another employee begins to perform research on a similar topic to one already tackled, the relevant insights will still be available to become part of the decision-making process. Every member of a team can strengthen the others' work indirectly through his or her own actions.

Decision-making improved
The quest to make strong decisions and gain leadership in an industry is never-ending. Being able to take more information into account than competitors is a differentiating factor. With the right analytics software and enough power to make it work, this goal can become a reality. In the Necto partnership with BigQuery, Panorama provides the highly convenient interface and Google lends the brawn. This combination, along with the many social and self-service features that make Necto unique, could help firms develop strong strategies for their futures. The big data trend is now accessible to businesses of all types.

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