Necto Insights is here

BY: Tomer Paz, Product Manager of Panorama Necto

Necto Insights is here! The Necto Insights Preview is now available for all!
After many months of hard work, we are delivering to the market the first product that delivers insights!
OK – maybe I need to give some background…

Working in BI for many years now it is apparent to me that in its current form it has very little future.
The idea that we give users lots of data and they figure out what do to with it, has (and will always have) limited success. It is not because the dashboarding tools are not good, and that we lack analytical tools, or new types of charts. It is because for most potentials users, using them is about the same as learning Chinese (or Hungarian, or Hebrew – pick the language furthest from you).

Don’t get me wrong – understanding the reality of your business though analyzing your data can have critical effects of your entire business operation and success. That was proven many times. But, to achieve that we need to “translator” who can understand what is going on and guide the users how to read the data. We call them analysts or data scientists (like the maesters in Game of Thrones). But when we attempt to give tools to the end users – we ultimately fail.
This is because we are coming to the issue from the wrong side.
The attempt to entice users by giving them more and more – more data, more tools, more devices – is not helpful. This is because this is not what the users want.
The users want Insights – we give them data.
The users want to know what to do – we tell them what happened.
The users want to be more successful in their business – we tell them to spend more money and hire more people.

So we, at Panorama have decided to do something about it. We developed a system (called Necto Insights) that you give it your data – and we give you are concise view of the insights you need to notice, and some “drill-downs” to explain it.
Suddenly the future of BI looks much brighter!

Now, don’t get me wrong – we still have lots of things to do. Right now you can only use Excel as the data source – but we will add other data sources soon. And there are lots of great ideas we still haven’t implemented – but we will.

Do you want to know what I am talking about? Contact us to try the Preview of Necto Insights

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