Necto/Salesforce integration helps analytics efforts

Today's analytics efforts aren't limited to a small section of a company's information. Businesses using advanced business intelligence tools can combine internal and external data from a variety of sources to deliver real value through improved decision-making. A great deal of data resides in customer resource management (CRM) applications like Salesforce. Finding a direct way to combine that information with resources from data warehouses and provide coherent insights could deliver a serious advantage. With its Salesforce integration capabilities, that's what Panorama Necto promises.

Salesforce is promoted as the leading CRM sales application in the world, meaning there is a vast user community in the business world. These firms can harness the facts they have collected through Salesforce to deepen the insights they take from their Necto queries.

CRM data deepens insights
A vast amount of data typically resides in CRM systems. Using that data to inform decisions is highly logical, and Necto makes integration smooth and easy. Linking that information with the other vital data collected by firms, including transactional information, can deliver a complete picture of the consumer environment. Business that understand what their clients want and need will be better positioned than their competitors to excel in their fields.

"You can create a Necto model, and the model can contain information … both from on-premise and Salesforce in one place. The fact that it's in one place allows you to … do analysis on both sources while they are linked. There are things on-premise that are linked logically to information in Salesforce; things about products, about geographical regions," explained Panorama Research and Development Vice President Kobi Averbuch.

Information from these operations can be shared with whoever needs it, either within the Necto interface or in a variety of common formats, meaning the relevant personnel will be able to quickly turn it from a collection of separate facts into a coherent strategy.  

Key analytics features
All of this integration would be for naught if the software could not deliver powerful insights. Necto makes information work for companies through a combination of usability advantages. For example, the dashboards generated by the solution are visually engaging, with dynamic elements that tell the data's story rather than providing a confusing mixture of information. It is a true self service tool, meaning it can suit the needs of employees in various departments, not just IT experts.

With whole teams collaborating through Necto, using information drawn from both their data warehouses and Salesforce, the potential to improve decision-making is striking.

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