Observing business intelligence’s future

While business intelligence has become an established presence in the IT world, that doesn't mean it is set in stone. Every day, executives are pushing the envelope with this technology, committing to the ideas that have powered the software and enriching their own operations. Tracking these trends may be hugely important for leaders planning their next steps. Falling behind competitors is an unfavorable outcome for businesses that want their BI products to make them into leaders and take them to the top of the proverbial heap. Analytics products are one more tool organizations are putting forward in their struggles to become prominent in their chosen markets.

The year ahead
A recent Customer Think piece contributed by Gleanster's Ian Michiels broke down some movement users can expect to see in the BI field over the next 12 months. Michiels stated that features such as mobile and self-service capability will see demand in 2015. This is a form of continuity, as both functions were also part of the milieu in 2014. The author noted that there is a movement toward products that involve more levels of organizations than previously had BI access. Instead of waiting for specialized users to crunch the numbers, professionals of all stripes are performing analytics.

The source noted that the current BI market favors organizations that think of what they need to accomplish when they buy their software rather than simply chasing an abstract idea of great BI. This makes sense because the decisions facilitated by BI will ideally be directly tied to everyday operations, the types of functions that will help companies move up in their markets, unhindered by guesswork. Michiels posited that the years ahead will be based on decisions powered by data rather than intuition, a general shake-up with the potential to change fields wholesale and increase the value of good BI even further.

Choosing a new product
Getting to the bottom of today's BI market means settling in with strong technology. Organizations that want to chase the trend favoring BI use at all levels of the company can go with Necto 14, designed to change its visualizations to suit the many different roles that make decisions affecting the performance of a firm. From the sales force, who can call up relevant data on their mobile devices, to the C-level, unique combinations of figures make selections clearer. Intuition is outdated as a business tool, and using it can convey disadvantage. BI programs present and future circumvent it.

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