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Business Intelligence Glossary for Dummies

     Most companies understand that data analysis is key for their business processes. But not everyone is familiar with all the terms used in Business Intelligence jargon. And this can make you feel clueless when starting to search for BI solutions. That’s why we created this basic BI glossary. It is in alphabetical order, and if there is something we missed that you would like to know, write us a question in our chat box! We’ll be happy to add it to the glossary.

bi glossary

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The Myth of the Bottleneck in BI Infographic

There is a perception that centralized Business Intelligence will cause a bottleneck in the organization. This is just a myth! In reality, centralization is the smoothest and most secure funnel organizations can have. In this infographic you will be able to compare the federated and centralized BI models and uncover the myth of the bottleneck in centralization.  Continue reading

Top BI Trends 2017 Infographic

Following our annual tradition, we present to you Panorama’s top Business Intelligence Trends and Predictions for 2017. Tomer Paz, our Product Manager and BI Expert, put together the top 10 predictions that businesses should be aware of. You can see them in this clear infographic that will guide you through each one of the major trends that will take place this year.

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The Power of the Many

      It’s a new year! We saw big changes in the world, for better or for worse. Hopefully this year all changes will be for the better. Throughout all the changes, we see one common denominator: change is driven by the power of the many. When it comes to Business Intelligence, there is a major shift happening. Organizations are moving away from federated BI and towards centralized BI. One of the main reasons this is happening is because federated BI does not empower the many. On the contrary, it thwarts connection and collaboration.


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Is Self-Service BI Scary?

     Self-service BI is a hot topic as the year is coming to an end. It is a major trend that will continue in 2017. Some CIOs think it is a scary scenario, while other CIOs fully embrace it. Why do we see such duality? It can be attributed to two main models in Business Intelligence: federated and centralized.

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Insights at Intel Capital Global Summit

This year’s Intel Capital Global Summit was a great success. Inspirational industry thought leaders gathered together to talk about their businesses, future technologies, and innovation. Eynav Azarya, CEO of Panorama Software, said it was a pleasure to be there. He mainly talked about data insights.


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Centralized vs Federated BI

Federated BI failed. It forced users to work in silos and created a data mess. And now, Centralized BI is rising. Most organizations are moving to a centralized model of Business Intelligence.You might be wondering why is federated so messy and why is centralized so good? Check out this clear infographic about the differences between the two biggest models of BI.

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IT and Business: Friends or foes? (White Paper)

After the fall of federated BI, we see that centralized BI is stealing the show. And with good reason. Centralized BI, if deployed correctly, can solve the problems caused by federated BI. A centralized BI solution ensures data accuracy and only one version of the truth. It also ensures data security and can save organizations a lot of resources.

That being said, everyone is wondering what will be the roles of IT and business in centralized BI. When self-service analytics came into the picture, it made IT fear for their jobs. But centralized BI is way more than self-service analytics, it is inclusive and there are defined roles for both IT and business folks. There’s room for all. So will IT and business be friends or foes?

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Hasta la vista baby! The Death of Federated BI

There is a clear trend happening: The death of federated BI. This model of Business Intelligence is failing because allowing individual departments to have their own IT systems and services is creating silos. Organizations cannot meet their goals and objectives through silos.

Centralized BI is saying “Hasta la vista baby!” to federated BI because when done correctly, it can simplify administrative tasks, improve data security, make data management and sharing a lot easier, and save the company a lot of money. There is a growing sense of urgency to abandon federated BI and deploy centralized BI.

The Death of Federated BI

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