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Hasta la vista baby! The Death of Federated BI

There is a clear trend happening: The death of federated BI. This model of Business Intelligence is failing because allowing individual departments to have their own IT systems and services is creating silos. Organizations cannot meet their goals and objectives through silos.

Centralized BI is saying “Hasta la vista baby!” to federated BI because when done correctly, it can simplify administrative tasks, improve data security, make data management and sharing a lot easier, and save the company a lot of money. There is a growing sense of urgency to abandon federated BI and deploy centralized BI.

The Death of Federated BI

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The Benefits of Centralized BI in Healthcare

The use of smart data analytics and Business Intelligence is becoming the norm. The healthcare industry is not behind in this trend. 57% of healthcare organizations have implemented patient data analytics to improve patient care and outcomes. And 46% of organizations have implemented analytics of their organizational data to improve their everyday performance.

Group of multiracial doctors standing consulting patient records on a tablet computer, close up view

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10 Things Retailers Can Do With BI

Data analytics in the retail industry is not something new. Retailers have been tapping into data for years now, gaining what is called consumer or shopper insights to improve their performance.  They have access to loads of data that comes from multiple data sources: purchase transactions, CRM data, customer loyalty programs, etc.

Now, in the age of the consumer, achieving customer satisfaction and engagement is more challenging than ever. This is an era where consumers are super informed. They want to know everything, and in real-time. They expect companies to provide solutions immediately. That’s why smart data discovery and BI tools are being used by retailers to get a much better understanding of customer behavior and preferences. In this new consumer era, smart data analytics is no longer a plus, it’s a must-have.

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Are Smart Cities a Smart Idea?

We generate around 7 and a half sextillion gigabytes of data worldwide every day. The amount of data we generate is growing exponentially. We know that 90% of the world’s data was created only in the last 2 years. And the Internet of Things is already a reality, and one that grows at unprecedented pace. Around 30 billion objects are expected to be connected to the IOT by 2020. Everything will be connected, from sensors in soil and oceans, to street lamps, to wearables, cars, and even dog collars. This means that the billions of sensors in devices will be generating tons of data. If this data is processed and analyzed correctly, the possibilities for finding insights are endless.

smart city and wireless communication network, abstract image visual, internet of things

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How to get real-time information on your KPIs?

We live in times of immediacy. There is so much information available that we can know things almost instantly. We are getting spoiled, as our grandmothers would say (we don’t even have to remember phone numbers anymore because our smartphones do it for us). They are right, technological advances have simplified our lives, making us more practical, more “spoiled”. Since this is our reality, we expect to have things ready and NOW.

Data Visualization

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Harnessing Disruption in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Last week, our partner Keyrus UK hosted their annual Driven by Data Summit. This year’s theme was Harnessing Disruption in the 4th Industrial Revolution. One of the main topics discussed were the increasing rate of change and disruption in business nowadays. Another key topic was how data analysis supports disruption in business. According to Keyrus, businesses need to embrace and harness disruption to create new revenue streams and opportunities. The first steps towards achieving this are effectively storing data, becoming data driven with BI, expanding the types of data stores, expanding into analytics, and increasing the amount of data users.

Obviously, Eynav couldn't leave without a selfie.

There’s always time for a selfie.

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Choosing The Perfect Chart For Your Data

Choosing the perfect chart to display your data can be a tricky task. There are so many options! But there’s always one that’s a perfect fit, transforming your data into visual insights. Your goal is to make your charts as easy to understand, clear, and attractive as possible. We are sharing this infographic with you to help you achieve effective visualization in a minute.

Necto 16

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