Panorama Beats Tableau and Qlik at 63% of the Evaluation Criteria!!

Gartner’s “Survey Analysis: Customers Rate their BI Platform Vendors” (Oct 2014) It reports customer experiences of 1589 professionals across 42 vendors. To see the Full Gartner Report Click Here.

The report details the results for 22 criteria’s, including: Customer Experience Score, Sales Experience Score, Average Product Quality Score, Average Support Score, View of Vendor Future Score, BI Success Score, and Average Integration Score etc.

After analyzing the relative positions of Panorama, Tableau and Qlik across these 22 criteria, here are the results:

  • In 14 out of 22 criteria (63%), Panorama was rated #1 (better than Tableau & Qlik).
  • In 8 out of 22 criteria (36%), Tableau was rated #1 (relative to Panorama & Qlik.
  • Qlik was never rated better than either Panorama or Tableau


Checkout the virtual tour to see for yourself.
Rony Ross

Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Panorama Software Ltd. Rony has 25 years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the business intelligence industry. By 1996, Panorama had become the leading developer and marketer of software products for OLAP and BI that was later acquired by Microsoft Corporation and formed the basis for Microsoft’s database technology known as OLAP Services and renamed Analysis Services 2000

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