Panorama Introduces New Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution for Google Apps – Cloud Computing Analytics for Business Productivity

New Support for SQL Server™ Analysis Services Allows Enterprise Customers to Use         Google Docs to Analyze, Report, Visualize Their Corporate Data

TORONTO, ON (April 17, 2008) – Fresh from announcing their addition of Business Intelligence (BI) to Google Docs, Panorama Software, a global leader in Proactive Business Intelligence, has revealed a new solution for the enterprise level market.  The beta version of its newly developed functionality for Google Docs will allow the support of its first enterprise data source – Microsoft SQL Server™ Analysis Services, the most pervasive OLAP solution in the industry.   This is the first of what will be many enhancements and new functionalities that Panorama will roll out for Google Docs in the next few months.

Microsoft Excel has been known to be the only spreadsheet tool capable of providing BI capabilities in the form of analytics and reporting for enterprise level data.  By adding support for SQL Server™ Analysis Services, enterprise companies can now use Google Docs, the most powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) based spreadsheet in the world with its strong collaborative capabilities, to get more out of their enterprise data in new and flexible ways.

Companies have long wanted a fresh way to analyze corporate data using a spreadsheet application, while also enjoying advanced collaboration, mobility and access-from-anywhere functionalities.  With the new support for SQL ServerTM Analysis Services by Google Docs with Panorama Analytics, enterprise customers have exactly what they have been asking for.

“Enterprise customers that are using BI systems are looking for new ways to collaborate, share information and insights, work from anywhere, and better liaise with customers and suppliers,” said Oudi Antebi, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Panorama Software. “Leveraging the power of Google Docs in all those areas will add tremendous new value for them. We have received many calls from companies asking us to add native support to their enterprise systems from our newly announced solution for Google Docs, and now they have it.”

The new enhancement is being made available as a beta version and requires registration on Panorama’s website ( Two levels of integration will be offered; free and fee-based options.  The solution will be free for customers that upload their data into Panorama’s PowerApps platform for Google Docs in the form of an offline cube file. Panorama will offer a unique application from SDG Computing as a download to help customers easily create and upload the offline cube files necessary for the free version.

“Enterprise customers increasingly want to use analytics in a variety of ways,” said Tim Peterson of SDG Computing. “Until today, the only spreadsheet option they had was Excel. Now, with Google Docs powered with Panorama’s unique capabilities, enterprise users have a new and highly powerful option for performing analytics and reporting.”

The solution will also be offered as a premium, fee-based service that will enable a live connection to SQL Server™ Analysis Services.  For the premium version, Panorama is partnering with Data Intelligence Ltd.

“As a leading provider of hosted solutions for SQL Server™ Analysis Services, we are pleased to be partnering with Panorama on this solution,” said Mike Askew, Director of Data Intelligence Ltd.  “This partnership will allow Panorama to offer its Google customers an end-to-end solution that provides both the creation, hosting and front-end capabilities of fully scalable Business Intelligence solutions.”

Panorama Analytics for Google Docs, launched on March 19th, represents an advanced analytics, reporting and data visualization solution for Google applications. Focused on pivot table and charting functionality, Panorama’s solution is a high-value capability that makes spreadsheets in Google Docs and dashboards in iGoogle even more useful. Users at both the enterprise and small-to-medium business levels will benefit from the enhanced ability to drill into data to gain valuable business insights quickly, resulting in better decision-making in the short term, and more effective strategic planning and performance in the long term.

Users of SQL Server™ Analysis Services can register now for the beta version of Panorama Analytics by visiting For more information about Google Docs, please visit; to learn more about Panorama Software, go to

About Panorama Software

Panorama Software empowers individuals and global organizations with the ability to rapidly analyze data, identify trends, maximize business opportunities and improve corporate performance and results through a complete SaaS and on-premise BI solution. 

Panorama® NovaView™, the company’s flagship solution, amplifies the impact of the information worker through a tightly integrated and complete suite of ‘on-premise’ analysis, reporting, scorecard, dashboard and data modeling applications that support the two  leading data platforms, SAP (NYSE: SAP) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT).

Panorama’s solution for Google applications empowers individuals and enterprises with the most intuitive and accessible SaaS-based BI solution

Founded in 1993, Panorama is a leading innovator in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Multidimensional Expressions (MDX). Panorama sold its OLAP technology to Microsoft Corporation in 1996; the technology was rebranded as SQL ServerTM Analysis Services and integrated into the SQL ServerTM platform.  Panorama supports over 1,000 customers worldwide in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, telecommunications and life sciences.  Panorama has a wide eco-system of partners in 30 countries, and maintains offices throughout North America, EMEA and Asia. More information is available at

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