Panorama launches latest BI solution: Necto 14

Panorama will release Necto 14, its latest business intelligence software offering, Wednesday, April 23, and the new features and services will provide more advantages and better insights for businesses. With an intuitive and modern user interface, simplified dashboard reporting, self-service tools and clear and concise infographics, businesses can get more out of data analysis. Necto 14 is designed to be easy to use for anyone who needs access to data, whether they're data experts or not. This is perhaps the biggest innovation of the new software, as Gartner research has shown that about 71 percent of users in organizations don't have statistical backgrounds and have never used BI tools before. Necto 14 is setting out to change that.

Here's a brief overview of what Necto 14 has to offer:

Governed business analytics environment
When users access the Necto 14 app, they have the ability to pull data from a number of sources. Thanks in part to a Web-based platform, users can all gain access to the same information, creating a "single version of truth."

Visual displays of data
When users are not familiar with statistical charts, graphs and other data, it can be difficult to understand business intelligence findings. Necto 14 helps users take this information and convert it into infographics using a library of graphics and a customization option. These images are not static either, as they link directly to live data, making it easy to monitor aspects of a business in real time.

Automated analysis and recommendations
Necto 14 makes it even easier to understand how different variables affect certain aspects of a business, allowing users to explore the cause and effect of making business decisions before they implement any changes. With Necto Notifier, users can set up the software to alert them and others when there are any changes. When someone needs assistance understanding data, Necto 14 can make recommendations about where insights may be found and help point users in the right direction.

Collaborative decision-making experiences
The self-service BI portion of this new business intelligence software allows users to work together to analyze and learn from business intelligence data. This function gives users the ability to create teams that can work together on the same project. Each individual user can add his or her input to the task at hand by way of making annotations in the software along any step of the decision-making process.

Panorama is a trusted visionary and thought leader in the world of business intelligence, and Necto 14 promises to be an innovative product that will bring business intelligence to a broader demographic of businesses and end users.

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