Panorama Necto hits the road

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, or follow the business intelligence industry and are interested in where the technology is headed, then you’re aware of how excited we are about Panorama Necto. The revolutionary BI 3.0 solution from Panorama Software will completely change the BI industry and how decisions are made.

Members of our organizations have discussed the new solution at conferences and trade shows around the world, while Panorama Necto has also been at the center of experts’ discussions of where BI is heading.

While that all got people talking about the technology and created plenty of buzz for Business Intelligence 3.0, we still wanted to share social BI with the world. So we packed up our suitcases and the Winnebago and hit the pavement for the Panorama Necto roadshow.

Okay, so we didn’t really travel around in a Winnebago, but we are travelling around the globe, making stops in Singapore, the U.K., South Africa and Germany, among others. Along the way, we discuss the future of business intelligence and Necto’s place in steering the technology ahead.

Necto gathers three of the main tenets – social, self-service and relevance – of BI 3.0 into an all-in-one solution. Many companies today are moving away from the traditional decision-making model, in which one executive’s duty is to go on his or her gut to guide the company. Instead, collaboration is now key, as a larger user base can now interact with BI technology, adding value and insight to business data.

Our new solution takes the whole process one step further with relevancy. Panorama Necto has the ability to track what sets of data are important to and required by specific users. By doing so, decisions can be made faster and reports filed sooner because the user doesn’t have to fight through a forest of data that means little to their tasks.

Also throughout our travels, we reaffirmed our commitment and the bond we’ve made with our many business partners, including Microsoft. The stops and seminars we hosted along the way involved a multitude of the companies we rely on regularly, including Germany-based syskoplan, the U.K.’s IMGROUP and FusionEx in Singapore.

Of course those are just a few of our global partners, but all of them are helping us with the mission of pushing the future of business intelligence today.
If you`d like to see Necto in your city, let us know!

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