Panorama partners jump on board for Necto certification

With the recent release of our latest solution Panorama Necto, Panorama Software has ushered in the next generation of business intelligence technology, inspiring many of our well-respected business partners from around the world to jump on board with the cutting edge of analytics.

In addition to a recent world tour to promote the newest capabilities and state-of-the-art features of Necto, we’ve also gotten our worldwide business partners up to speed with the latest in business intelligence. By holding training sessions for our business partners, we’re teaching them how to leverage all that Panorama Necto has to offer in order to make better business decisions and move their companies forward.

The initial response to the sessions has been overwhelmingly positive, and we couldn’t be happier about the enthusiasm surrounding our newest offering.

To date, 16 of Panorama’s business partners have participated in a three-day training session and have become certified users of Panorama Necto. These partners are located all around the world, from our home country of Canada to South Africa, Israel, Croatia and many other locations in between.

It’s encouraging the see these companies’ reactions to all that Panorama Necto provides, as well as encouraging that so many want to be the first to utilize what we’re calling Business Intelligence 3.0.

But it doesn’t, and won’t, stop there. As long as our partners are willing and eager to learn all there is to know about Panorama Necto, we’ll continue circling the globe to teach and certify them. That being the case, Panorama Software may be racking up its share of frequent flier miles in order to satisfy all the demand for Necto certification.

During the three-day training sessions, companies will learn all they need and want to know about the BI 3.0 solution. From installing Necto, setting up a dashboard (what we’re calling Panorama Workboards) and getting others up to speed on how to perform a migration from NovaView environment to Necto, everything is covered in just three days of sessions.

For companies looking to join the ranks of certified Panorama Necto users, or those just looking to find out exactly what Business Intelligence 3.0 entails, look no further than our world tours. Given our already exhaustive travel schedule, you can bet a Panorama Necto event will be making a stop in your area in the near future.

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