Panorama presents at Socialize! industry conference

New tech trends can’t remain hermetic, closed things. For new ideas to really catch on, leaders in the field have to come together, survey the rest of the world and collaborate on a joint future direction. Panorama Software recently put in an appearance at Socialize!, the first summit based on social business solutions to be held in Israel. There are many different exciting uses for social connections within companies, and Panorama was there to carry the flag for business intelligence with a strong social element.

Solutions on display
Panorama Founder and Chairperson Rony Ross represented the firm at the meeting, delivering a lecture entitled “Organizational Crowd Sourcing: Making the Right Decisions in the Social Enterprise Era.” The presentation focused on the fact that critical decisions are an everyday occurrence. Leaders cannot take these into their own hands but should rely on the support of the rest of their staff. Developing formalized structures for this collaboration is a powerful new idea, one that has played a heavy part in the development of Panorama’s Necto business intelligence suite.

Rony made sure to note that the overall shift toward a more social workplace is being led by decision making. Companies need strong insight from a variety of viewpoints and they need it faster than ever. This means every step leaders take to facilitate informed and effective collaboration is important.

The potential of business intelligence lies in its power to turn information into insight and make sure choices at the enterprise level are inspired by something other than intuition. Combining this with collaboration between employees in different functions represents the next step in social enterprise development. While having separate business intelligence and social tools could eventually get companies the results they need, joining them into one effective package can significantly speed the time to insight, an important consideration in today’s enterprise.

Rony Ross at Socialize 2012 Industry Conference in Israel from Panorama Software on Vimeo.

Inaugural meetup
The very existence of Socialize! demonstrates that companies are interested in sharing what they know about the social enterprise and developing techniques for the future. The organization behind the conference is not drawn from one particular corner of the business world, with some of the members coming from the industry, some, like Panorama, coming from software development and others originating in education or the venture capital and startup world. What brings these diverse members together is a shared confidence that the social enterprise is the future and a curiosity about where it’s going.

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