Panorama Software Announces New Version of Panorama Necto

Delivering the best of Corporate Business Intelligence and Data Discovery

Toronto, ON (March 5, 2013) – Panorama Software, a leader in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, is excited to announce a new release of Panorama Necto, the industry’s first BI 3.0 solution that brings the concept of social networks and recommendation systems into BI.

Panorama Necto’s new release delivers the best of Corporate BI and Data Discovery by satisfying the needs of IT, analysts and business users in one unified and easy-to-use web-based application. It is a scalable and secure BI solution that also offers the flexibility and agility that Data Discovery tools have to offer.

At the core of Necto’s BI solution is a WorkBoard, a dynamic dashboard that allows users to analyze data using suggestive insights and collaborate with recommended colleagues, all without having to switch between multiple applications.

New features include:

–          In-memory BI engine (powered by xVelocity) for fast and ad-hoc data analysis. In just a few clicks, users can easily mash up data from the Corporate BI platform and other data sources (Excel, unstructured or semi-structured data) for intuitive data discovery.

–          Web-based self-service modeling for users with different BI expertise, allowing users to model data on the fly without any coding.

–          A unique BI recommendation engine that enables contextual discovery and recommends users relevant data, relevant insights and the right people to collaborate with.

–          Improved collaboration capabilities that are now embedded at each step of the decision making process. Whether users are looking to analyze data, view a dashboard or simply build a new model, Necto allows users to collaborate directly within the BI system.

–          Native mobile applications that offer a seamless experience on any device.

–          Geo analytics for powerful visual analytics that leverages visual maps to drill down into related analysis.

“Panorama is always looking for ways to help our customers improve the speed and accuracy of the decision-making process,” said Eynav Azarya, CEO of Panorama Software. “With the use of mobile devices consistently on the rise, we are excited to announce that the new Panorama Necto has been designed as a native mobile application. Now, users have access to relevant data right at their fingertips on a mobile device.”

Business benefits of the new Panorama Necto:

  • Through automated insights and guided analysis, Necto helps users focus on the relevant data and connect with relevant people to the issue.
  • Powered by industry standard in-memory engine, Necto is easy to implement, navigate and maintain.
  • Promoting collaboration at every level, Necto allows users to initiate, conduct and track conversations without leaving an application.
  • Necto offers fast and easy data mash-up managed by a secure IT environment.


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