Panorama Software Announces integration and expected benefits from Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Necto product joins the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Panorama Software today announced it has integrated its Necto product with the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This will enable BI users to benefit from Necto’s suggestive and collaborative capabilities and to visualize data using business oriented, dynamic Infographic visualizations in a unified, self-service and governed environment with the benefits of Microsoft Azure.


Panorama and Microsoft have a long-standing relationship, which started when Microsoft acquired Panorama’s first generation technology to drive their entry into the BI arena, and continued over many years of collaboration. Panorama has deep experience utilizing Microsoft technologies and platforms to build innovative customer-focused business intelligence solutions, and the Azure Marketplace release gives Panorama the opportunity to extend its Necto Business Intelligence offering through new Cloud based capabilities and technologies, including:

• Easy to deploy a fully functioning solution in seconds
• Resources from Azure are available as part of the solution
• Connecting to data already on Azure makes a full data analysis solution that is highly dynamic and cost effective

Tomer Paz, Panorama’s Product Manager said that “Our newly announced integration into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace will truly allow us to expand the Panorama’s Necto reach through new Cloud based capabilities to a fully functioning solution in only a matter of minutes, with the familiar Microsoft Azure resources that they know and love and at their disposal, and of course, all being very cost effective. To say the least, we are all very excited.”


“Panorama Necto is a great addition to the Azure Marketplace and another proof point for Microsoft’s leading cloud computing platform. For ISVs, Azure provides the ability to transition to the cloud by developing new applications or moving existing ones to reach thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp.

About Panorama

Panorama Necto is the next generation smart data discovery and business Intelligence software. It leverages a suggestive discovery engine under the covers to simplify the business users’ data preparation whilst automating pattern exploration & analysis, powered by a powerful advanced visualization & collaborative platform that is unified and governed.

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